Wise Week? SuperVegan? Wild Weekend? What does it all mean?!

Kick things off on Monday with Wise Week, where we’ll share business software and marketing hacks, inspiring talks to keep you thinking, recipes to boost your brain, curious facts to share at parties (if we ever have those again), exciting news in the vegan community, sport and fitness inspo, and academic articles (put on your thinking cap!)

When that mid-week slump hits, get ready for a pick-me-up with our SuperVegan Wednesday segment! Each week we’ll feature a unique vegan artist, highlighting their work (Psst: we’d love to feature your art. Get in touch!). We’ll also share stories of organizations doing awe-inspiring work around the world, feature a lucky member story (it could be you!), share a course from our V School, offer an exclusive deal on a member’s product or service, and highlight our one-of-a-kind merch.

Finally, as you head into your time to unwind, you’ll get some wanderlust and perhaps guilty pleasures from our Wild Weekend! Keep up with the latest fashion trends, rock out to music by vegan artists, learn about vegan celebs using their platform for good, check out a think piece or work of art, find something new to keep you entertained while you’re stuck at home, plan a trip to a vegan hotspot when things open up, try an indulgent recipe, and exercise your mind with a good read!

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